Friday, June 03, 2011


a rare Mark VI alto in "sparkle lacquer" made in 1960.  I tried to match period engraving for this one.
 Incidentally, I have a lot more photos of work on my Flickr site


Christian Sanchez. said...

I think I love you(jk) but seriously I've seen your work on Cannonball's page and they were the ones who referred me to this site. I've been playing sax for about 6 years and I've been placing very good in competitions and in school. Actually I've been placed 1st in our region which is about 8 cities, for the 3rd year in a row. What do you offer when it comes to custom engravings? I have a black and gold cannonball tenor that I've always thought would look more sexy with some designs on it plus a Selmer super action 80 series II, and though it feels risky I would also like to get some thing for it as well. My email is listed up there with my name, I apologize, I didn't know how to directly send you a message so I had to do it in the comments. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me an email. Thanks for doing what you do and I really love these pictures -Chris

Adam said...

Hi Mr. DuMars,

I'm interested in getting some custom engraving done on my Greenhoe/Bach bass trombone. If you would be so kind to email me so we could discuss designs, prices, etc I would appreciate it.

bassbonesjones at gmail . com

scott davidson said...

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Thedoris Jackson said...

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Anonymous said...

hello, your work looks amazing. I am very interested in the mark vi alto with sparkle lacquer. I also have one with this lacquer. Do you know if this was an option offered by selmer originally or is it something added later. I had assumed mine must have been 'blinged' at a later date. Thanks very much if you are able to help with this at all. Caroline